Post #2: Digging Deeper

So far I have been able to go through photos from 1960 to 1965 that have not been uploaded to the archives online in addition to all the 1960s photos online. I had more luck in finding photos of actual classroom experiences and a variety of classrooms in the not uploaded photos. I found photos from chemistry, home economics, theater, and art classes. Mary Washington has definitely come a long way in the past 52 years. I also pulled photos that did not necessarily have to do with the actual classroom but were on the related note of students studying and doing homework. I also found a picture of students standing in line at Seacobeck, an experience many of us can relate to today. The majority of photos in the 1960 to 1965 collection were of social events or group department faculty photographs.

Home Economics Class 05-12-1962 Mary Washington Archives

When going through the student handbooks for the 60s I tried to look for information pertaining to the classroom or academics in general. Throughout the decade the handbooks mostly dealt with the social aspects of Mary Washington such as dress code, dorm rules and regulations, conduct expectations, safety reminders, etc. In my last post I mentioned the different looks of the handbooks. Here are photos of them:

After glancing through all of the handbooks this time around I decided to focus on the Honor Code and the Dean’s List requirements because they would have helped to shape the academic and classroom experience.

Starting with the 1960 handbook the Honor Code had a small part compared to later years.  Only a page was dedicated to honor pledge and signature  space. In subsequent years 4 pages were dedicated to the Honor Code and Pledge explaining the importance of the Honor Code and the repercussions for violating it. The only exception to this was in 1966 to 1967 where the Honor Code had only one page like the 1960 handbook. I’m not sure why the Honor Code would be emphasized  some years and not others but it definitely plays a big role in student life at Mary Washington for the majority of the 60s.

Something that also changed over the years was the GPA required for the Dean’s list. The Dean’s list wasn’t mentioned until 1965 with a required GPA of 2.5 or better. In 1966 the required minimum GPA for Dean’s list was 3.5 and for 1967 3.5. In 1968 the GPA was 3.25.

Moving on with my research I am going to pursue scrapbooks to see how much information I can get out of them. Also I am going to go back to the student handbooks and look into the various dress codes and such to get an idea of what the student body had to look like sitting in these classroom and go through the last half of the decade’s not uploaded photos.

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