Post #3: The Details

This week  I went back to the student handbooks and photo archives to look in to topics we discussed in our group that we would like to include in our final website.

First I looked into the smoking policies because we wondered if in our reenactment of the classroom there would have been the possibility that there would have been students smoking in class. Up until 1967 smoking was not permitted in classrooms except in designated seminar rooms. The 1967 to 1968 student handbook is the first to allow smoking in classrooms as long as it wasn’t a safety hazard or a professor or a fellow student objected to it. From 1967 to 1970 students were allowed to smoke in the classroom and so it would not have been unheard of to have seen a student smoking in class.

I finished looking through the 1960s photos in the archive and did not come up with too many more photographs that added to the classroom experience. I came up with some photos that were related to the classroom in a broader sense. . .

1966 Students Lined Up for Registration, Mary Washington Archives

1968 New Student Orientation, Mary Washington Archives

and one that showed an actual classroom experience. . .

1968 Chemistry Class

This time when I was in special collections the staff found me the 1969-1970 handbook. It had been included in a different decade’s box and so had not been included in my previous posts.

1969-1970 Student Handbook

The handbook from the last year of the decade held many new additions to the academic aspect of Mary Washington College. Academic distinctions, Individual study, Honors work, Junior Year Study abroad Program, Grad School information, Intermediate and Final Honors, and a Grading Scale are all are first introduced in this student handbook. Not only does this handbook look much different than the other two styles of handbooks, but the last handbook of the decade seemed to put a greater emphasis on academics and less on the social aspects of campus life.


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