Post #4: Wrapping up my research

After hearing that it was a good idea to broaden our research to aspects of MWC other than the classroom experience, this past week I got to working on finding photos that demonstrated the atmosphere at Mary Washington. I was able to find a few more classroom experience photos, but they were once again Home Ec classes, art and science classes. When looking for more photos I also looked for faculty photographs and department photographs as well as photographs of the campus.

Sculpting Class, 1960 UMW Special Collections

Pollard Hall 1965 UMW Special Collections











After Thursday’s class and hearing other groups talk about the sources they had gotten the most information out of the next time I went to Special Collections I looked into the department files for the sixties. Our group is focusing on certain majors to prevent getting bogged down in too much resarch, so I requested the files for the Education, Chemistry, Home Economics, and English majors. In each department’s folder there were no references to curriculum in the ninteen-sixties. It was a little disapointing because I was hoping to find syllabi or at least documents pertaining to those majors so we could get more of a cohesive idea of what it would have been like to major in those different subjects.

Overall I think our website is coming along pretty well. Thanks to Tim Ownes we have a starting point for the format of our website. Right now I have a vague understanding of what it was like to go to Mary Washington in the sixties, but as we start to combine our findings we can begin to draw conslusions and get a broader understanding of what it might have been like.


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