Recreating a 1950s Classroom

As far as ideas for how to go about the recreation of the 1950s website I’m a little lost. I think it would definitely be cool to dress in period clothing and maybe have era appropriate props such as books and bags and such, but other wise I don’t know how we’d go about making the classroom look as it did in the fifties. Looking over the photos from the website the classrooms look so much different than they do today. We should probably steer away from home economics or science classes that would have had dated equipment and would probably be difficult to find for our purposes. As far as roles people should have, the females could be students, Professor McClurken could be the professor, but I’m not sure what the males in the class could be since none of the pictures really show males. If we wanted to recreate the social aspect they could possibly be dates visiting girls in the dorm or something of that nature. Its really difficult for me to think of how to recreate the 1950s in 2012 when so much has changed and things are so different. If we were to recreate the 50s thoroughly I think it would turn in to a much bigger production that the syllabus has allotted for. So I suppose the question is, how thorough do we want to go, and what aspects of the 50s do we want to recreate?

The main goal at the beginning of this assignment was to discover what the classroom experience would have been like in each decade. We could use, if any exist, syllabus from classes in the 50s to try and recreate a class that way in order to experience what students might have learned and how a class was structured. This would meet the original goals for the assignment but I think would leave out many aspects of college life for a woman of the 1950s that shaped a student’s experiences at Mary Washington  in and out of the classroom.

We could combine the clothing with the class syllabus to add a further dimension of the 50s to our recreation. I think this would combine the classroom experience goal as well as help give the feeling of the 50s and the expectations of women in American society at the time since in class we have talked about the importance of clothing in shaping a woman’s identity and status throughout the years. This could also help keep the recreation from becoming too daunting of a project and keep it simpler but still effective in getting the feeling of the 50s at Mary Washington across.

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